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cin·e·phile [sin-uh-fahyl]


a devoted moviegoer, especially one knowledgeable about the cinema.

My name is Greg Maier and ever since I can remember I have loved the movie business. I very much enjoyed going to the theater growing up and am still going strong to this day. These days, I try to catch every big budget, small independent and foreign film of interest while they are still playing in theaters in my hometown of Albuquerque New Mexico. I do this while also constantly tackling a seemingly unending list of classic films I haven’t seen at home. For me, it’s not enough just to watch the film and understand its story. I have to know all the details surrounding the production and reflect on the filmmaking techniques at play in the movie. Of course during a first viewing of a film, I watch for the enjoyment of entertainment, but after the credits role my mind always starts turning with theories and more often, questions. This is what I think separates cinephiles from average movie lovers.

It wasn’t until I was a junior in high school and first watched Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece and Best Picture winner, The Departed (2006), that I realized how far a film could bend the rules of convention that I was so accustomed to from films of my childhood. In college, my obsession with classic and what I like to call modern classic films grew to even greater heights when I took interest in photography, writing and soon after filmmaking. Whether I break into the industry as a Writer/Director or not (we all have our dreams), I will always have passion for going to the movies and making my dreams come true through independent film production.


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